Friday, June 20, 2014


Our elected officials are such petty and pitiful people and they have been this way for decades.  I guess it’s because the majority of Americans have also become petty and pitiful.  Oh shut up!  You know who you are and you know what you are made of and it consists of whining and grabbing anything you can, which does not require work and without regard for who pays for it.  You are a pitiful bunch!

Now our officials… no, officials is the wrong word, let me start again.  Now are egotistical maniacs are playin’ the Communist game of words.  Remember during Hitler’s regime how the Jews lost their names and became numbers?  Yeah, they lost every thing because they “allowed” Hitler to take it.  Well no, our maniacs are playin’ word games too and it is so petty and really unimportant at this time.  Unimportant now because we are in wars against Muslims, illegal aliens, Russians, drugs, crime, immorality and every nut job who wants to bring America down and you can throw the current administration in there too!

Yep, it’s the name Washington Redskins, which the maniacs will spend “OUR” money on!  Imagine that!  A football team of all things!  Now I’m of the mind that if you don’t like the product then don’t buy the damn thing and the product will go away!  Yeah, I like football and since the “Redskins” have been here for like forever, then let sleepin’ dogs lie.  We have more important “governmental” business!

Folks, you gotta look where this word crap is headed.  Look at all the teams out there and there names.  The Atlanta Braves, what do we change them too?  How ‘bout the Seminoles?  Are we going to get into college teams too?  What about the Marlins?  Doesn’t that offend the animal rights nuts?  The Cleveland Browns, might offend Latinos.  The Miami Heat might offend the global warming nuts!  Guys, I’ll tell you where this crap is headed!  It will end up numbering the teams.  You will have Football Team #1 from Houston!  Football Team #2 from Washington!  Hey, and why stop there?  Why not number Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and all other sports teams?  C’mon guys, in reality any name on anything can offend someone some where!  For instance, Barrack Hussein Obama offends the hell out of me!  Does that mean that we can change his name to President #44? 

Yep, I can see it now.  Brent Musberger will be sayin’, “Hello folks.  Today we have a bright sunshiny day here in New York and the teams are about to take the field for the World Series!  Team number 12 will be facing Team number 8 in what is sure to be a close one.  Team number 8’s pitcher will be the hard throwin’ number 345,789 and Team number 12 will be putting number 781,902 on the hill….”  What a bunch of crap!

You can laugh if you wish, but a country does not fall over night.  It is a slow and steady process and the people wanting to bring America down are very patient and committed to there destructive thinking!  You keep “allowing” our government madmen and especially the current administration do as they wish and you will end up like the Jews did.

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