Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Golly gee Mr. President, I just fell off the melon truck yesterday and I believe every single thing you say!

Give me a break guys!  Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and Charles Milles Manson could only dream about hurting America as much as Hussein Obama and “The Machine” behind him have.  Obama and his Machine have caused more American deaths than a small war…and useless deaths!  Now, in all his radiant glory, he is sending 275 of our finest into Bagdad.  They will be surrounded by tens of thousands of “our” enemy, not Obama’s enemy, but ours.  Two hundred and seventy-five folks!  We needed more than that to stop the Los Angeles riots!  What a “brain child” the cat, who calls himself “President”, is!  In fact, he should be called the President of the Islamic States ‘cause he damn sure helps them more than he does The United States of America!

Look at all his brilliant moves:

1.     Hussein Obama “rescues” (LOL!) a “known” deserter and Islamist from our army, during war, in a hot zone and trades five ruthless, blood thirsty murderers, who we had locked up, for his sorry butt.  This deserter should have been shot, but no, he’ll come back to America where he will be pampered by left.  He will probably end up writing a book and make millions, while our “good” soldiers can’t even get proper equipment.  Oh and all of this is done while a “real” Marine rots in a Mexican jail because he made a wrong turn.

2.     Under his authority (and probable insistence) Lois Learner, the IRS Gestapo Momma, lies her butt off many, many times and finally, after two years, tells Congress that the emails regarding the injustices done to Tea Party members by the IRS, were lost during a computer crash.  Gee, do all you “melon” truck riders believe that?  So who investigates and prosecutes Lois Learner?  The Justice Department!  And who runs the Justice Department?  Eric Holder!

3.     Under his authority (and probable insistence)  John Kerry is having “talks” with Iran, by phone, while he travels around making campaign speeches for Obama.  They say he will meet with Iranian leaders for more “talks”.  And the “melon” truck riders just eat this up!  Of all the years we have “talked” with Iran nothing has happened.  In fact, they have “snowed” us every time and we end up giving them weapons, money and/or supplies.  Such “deals” we have accomplished with them!  Ha, and now the weakest traitor in our government is going to “talk” with them.  Such a joke!

4.     Kathleen Sebelius, under Obama’s athority and insistence comes out with the Affordable Healthcare Act’s (Obamacare) website.  It was a nightmare then and it is a nightmare now.  Virtually every week we learn of a new wrinkle in this fiasco.  The latest is free gas to the poor.  Yep, I wrote about this previously, but in a nutshell, the government is going to build and operate gas stations.  The first is in Detroit and the gas will be free to those who qualify.  You think it will be run any better than Welfare?  HA!  Of course, Miss Cathy Rooo has resigned.

5.     Eric Holder “mistakenly” (yeah right) and with Obama’s approval trades hundreds, if not thousands, of weapons to Mexican drug lords, which were used in many American deaths.  What did American get in return for these weapons and loss of life?  Who knows, the records are “missing”.  And who investigates this?  Why the Justice Department!  And who runs the Justice Department?  Eric Holder!

Folks, this is just five, which came to mind, but there are literally hundreds!  Yes there are!  Hundreds!  Hey, and all of these took place while Obama was either on the golf course or on vacation or maybe on a million dollar “date” with his uglier half!

Guys, I would never do it, but I cannot understand why some nut has not shot him.  Seriously!  I mean, if somebody just has to go…  Obama has caused so many good people to go to their deaths, he has crippled our armed services, while strengthening our enemies, he has begun the “rotting” of America, both economically and morally and he has done all of this without care or concern.  He appears to be a man obsessed with America’s failure!

I’ve got to say it, “Anyone, and I mean anyone, who likes, admires or thinks that Barrack Hussein Obama is good for America, in any way, needs to be in a “shrink” ward in a state mental hospital!”  And no, I make absolutely no apologies for sayin' this!

…and folks, once again, this ain’t no crap!

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