Monday, June 2, 2014


Boy are we suckers! Oh yeah we are! The big boys have been playin’ us for decades and we don’t even see it! 

Yesterday I stopped and got a bite at an Asian buffet. It was very good and the price was right. When I finished eating the waitress brought me my check and the traditional fortune cookie. Unlike most, I actually like the taste of “fresh” fortune cookies and this one was. As I was munchin’ on my cookie I read the fortune. It stated, “In union there is strength”. A real simple truth and it made me ponder on my countries horrible situation. “In union there is strength”. Even though I had heard this many times I still read it over and over. 

 It made me come to this conclusion. Our country is made up of “groups”. We are no longer Americans! One thing which Communists do well is constantly change words. It is a “confusion” tactic. A “separation from traditional reality” course of action. Over the years they have been, very successfully, dividing us until now we no longer have “any” strength in numbers. We are now either Republican, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, passives, aggressives, blacks, whites, Latinos, rich, poor, middle class, upper class, lower class, the have’s, the have not’s, Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, progressives, rednecks, politicals, non-politicals, Marxists, traditionalists, socialists, jet setters, partiers, home bodies, booger eaters, nose pickers, morons and any other label anyone can place on you. Yes siree Bobby Boy, we are divided! ‘Bout as divided as any country could be! 

Well folks, this cat is tired of their sick lil’ game. From now on this ol’ boy will be an American as our founders intended. They were proud of our country. Sure, I might tell someone that I am an American Christian or an American who believes in traditional values, but I will be puttin’ “America” back in my life. I will not let them place me in a “group”! The only group I wish to be in is the “America” group. 

Hey, and while I’m at it let me clear somethin’ up. If you are a Marxist, socialist, liberal, progressive, atheist or any of them other “…ists” you like to “package” yourself as, then to me you are a Communist! That’s right! I’m sick of your word play! There are two sides in America and they are “Americans” or “Communists”! Oh yeah, it is that simple folks! Either you stand behind our Constitution and our laws, which makes you an American or you are against them, which makes you a Communists. You cannot have it both ways and I, for one, will not allow you to! 

Folks, if we do not put “America” back in our lives and come together, as Americans, then we are doomed. Lincoln cleared it up pretty good when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The “Communists” have seen to it that we have been “divided” far too long! It is time to put God first and America second “again”! 

From now on I am goin’ to try real hard to refer to myself as an Almighty God believing American. If asked about my race, I will reply or write, “AMERICAN”! If asked about my religion, I will reply or write “American (fill in) ”! If someone asks what party I am with, I will say, “I am an American (fill in) ”! Yep, I am going to put America back in my life! I can play a “word” game too, but to me it’s no game! It is about survival! It is about protecting my children and grand children and those to come, if they make it. It’s about living a decent life in a very decent country.  It's about livin' in AMERICA!

Yes sir, in union there is strength! Why don’t we UNITE behind America and beat the “America Haters” at their own game?

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