Friday, May 9, 2014


All these Democraps are screamin’, “…why don’t the Republicans come up with a plan of their own (as if that would do any good!)?”

So future “Tea Party” candidates, here’s a plan you can run on and, if elected, please ACTUALLY follow through with it!  Believe it or not, IT WILL GET YOU VOTES, if you got the “NUTS” to do it, which I doubt!

1.     Start with the President and Congress and cut their pay dramatically and immediately, since they are not doing their jobs, which is REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE!  Allow them raises only when there is zero debt and base there raise’s on “surplus”!   No surplus, no raise!  93 MILLION IN ANNUAL SAVINGS!

2.     Institute a 17% National Sales Tax and COMPLETELY shut down the IRS (Yes, 17% is plenty).  Allow the states to collect and distribute taxes as they see fit for their state.  Send ten percent of collections to the United States Treasury for Federal “incidentals”.  There “should be” no need for more than this, so CAP IT!  DEBT GONE IN TEN YEARS!  TRILLIONS IN SAVINGS! 

3.     Immediately stop all government television and other media advertisements.  Folks, we have no need to “advertise” any agency or department in our government!  This has been a “handout” to the liberal entertainment industry for far too long.  Besides, television makes plenty off of all the shady campaign ads and that should be enough!  BILLIONS SAVED!

4.     Completely get rid of the Department of Education.  It is quite evident that public education IS NOT WORKING in its present form and every year, for some lame reason, politicians just throw more money at it!  Let the states control all “public” education and allow/promote more private education.  BILLIONS SAVED! 

5.     End all government funded environmental agencies, departments or entities.  Once again, the states can manage this much more effectively according to the needs of their individual states.  And until the rest of the world, like China, stops polluting, what we do makes no difference.  BBILLIONS SAVED!

6.     Turn control of all public postal services over to the states, including all “current” post offices and postal centers.  Allow, promote and de-regulate more private postal services.  BILLIONS SAVED!

7.     Very important!  End the “interest” grabbing Federal Reserve!  It is high time that just a few greedy individuals, who own the Federal Reserve quit raping the American citizen (Oh, you thought it was owned by the government?  It is not!)!  BILLIONS, MAYBE TRILLIONS SAVED!

8.     Currently, the Obama administration is sending over one BILLION dollars per month to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim organizations.  Most of these are our sworn enemies and are killing innocent people on a daily basis.  We need to stop all funds to any organization at the whims of a few.  All money sent to any non-American organization should be vetted by Congress!  Period!  12 BILLION IN ANNUAL SAVINGS!

9.     Limit ALL government employees’ vacations to a maximum of 4 weeks per year.  This means ANYONE’S vacations paid by the government!  Yes Michelle, this does include you and your husband!  Yes Harry Reid, you too and all of Congress.  Oh and we should limit Obama’s golf balls to 12 per month.  MILLIONS SAVE JUST ON THE OBAMA’S!  THE REST IS GRAVY!

10.   Okay and you gonna like this one.  Our roads and highways are terrible!  Obama wants to raise our taxes and institute new taxes to pay for repairs.  Uh huh.  Good try hot rod, but here is what I recommend.  First put control of all roads and highways in the hands of the states.  With the new state collected National Sales Tax there WILL BE ample funds.  Now, take all those “displaced” workers from the changes above and offer them jobs on the State’s highway departments.  Of course, most of them could probably not handle a “REAL” job, but we can offer.  GOOD ROADS, MILLIONS SAVED AND LAZY IRS WORKERS ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK FOR THEIR PAY!

Hey, I know I’m pissin’ in da wind, but you have to admit that it is a good thought.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  In April of this year, Michigan became the 34th  state to request a Constitutional Convention of the states (some think it takes 38).  This gives us the two thirds majority needed to ratify the convention.  If this convention comes to bear, it could be the end of America.  Remember, if there is enough liberal states involved they could not only change our cherished Constitution, BUT THEY COULD POSSIBLY "GUT" IT!  

Now having stated this, I do feel that if our greedy, power hungry reps and President do not act on A PLAN similar to the one above then a State lead Constitutional Convention is our only recourse!  Think long and hard on this.

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