Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Facebook has blocked me, once again, for thirty days!  Gee, I'm shakin' in my boots.  Yep, once again Facebook has confirmed that we have a two tiered free speech system in America. The "ELITE" tier and the rest of us.

The ELITE tier is made up of minorities, who willingly accept all the free stuff they can get, off the backs of the American taxpayer, the entire Obama administration and anyone who supports, enables, finances or bows down to them and of course the muslims.

Here is the "awful" post which got me blocked:

"If you think I am a cracker, then I think you are a nigger! Now that's called "NO CRAP" partner! I am fed up with the "PC" do's and don’ts in this country! It is either free speech for EVERYBODY or it ain't free speech for NOBODY! Pick one already and let's move on!" - John L Sulak - 4/30/2014

I never thought that in America, one single word would carry so much sickening weight! It is just a word! One single word! No one was ever injured because it came from any mouth! No bones were broken because it was uttered! There were no stitches needed because it was on someone’s breath! Saying it is BREAKING NO LAWS! Yet Facebook lifted their mighty self righteous liberal hand and struck my words down. Removed them and silenced me because “they” did not like them. They were too “American” for them!

My relatives were Czech immigrants. They suffered immensely! There were times that they wished they were slaves just to get a bite of food or a place to sleep. They came to America and worked every miserable job you could imagine. Finally they became share croppers. They saved their pennies and eventually, some of them actually bought small farms. But they did not blame Americans! They did not seek hand outs! Oh and they were "called" every despicable name in the book! Hey and guess what? Never did ANY of them own a slave of ANY color! Yes folks, I said ANY color! Regardless of what you have been led to believe, black people did not have a monopoly on slavery. Throughout history there were people of ALL colors, who were slaves. You can start with the American Indian! But some black people today, who were never slaves, use slavery to FORCE every free loadin’ program, on us, the taxpayer, that they can!

So yes sir, IF YOU CALL ME A “CRACKER”, then I will use my “legal right” given to me by my founding fathers, and I will call you a NIGGER! You do not have a monopoly on words! And if ANYONE thinks I am wrong on this, then so be it!

Oh and Facebook! I BLOCK YOU! I will never use your pathetic, liberal biased, UN-AMERICAN site again!


  1. John,now how do we communicate with you??/
    Like I have said,when everyone has rights,then NO ONE has rights. It's not fair ,but, I remember my mom telling me ,when I was born,I wasn't promised that life would be fair...shit happens........DON'T LET THEN DRIVE YOU AWAY!!!!!

    1. Trish - you have my direct email.

    2. Hey there, you are a friend of one of my friends and I like you. Hang in there! They are a bit crazy up there sometime. I have a food blog but them I am outspoken when it comes to my Second Amendment Rights! That could have been the real reason. I emailed and asked but it happened several times but I am still here. Don't plan on moving until " I decide to". I will be happy to be your friend anytime. Sending you a request!


    1. Don't worry, this has just fired me up even more. I will be posting timely articles and thoughts here and on Google+ & Twitter.


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