Saturday, January 4, 2014


I’ve gotta ask y’all, have you ever watched a boxing match, a football game, a basketball game, a round of golf, a baseball game, or any other sports event without some blabberin’ idiot talkin’ for almost the entire event?  If you have, you know that it was a great experience.  It was “real”.  It was exciting.  Just imagine watching an event on TV without hearing some sooped up speed talker tellin’ you about everything from the kinda toilet paper a player uses to how many dates he had last week and how each date went.  HEY TV!  It is a friggin’ sports event and not the Oprah Winfrey show!  Let us watch it!  We do not need your play by play and between play babble!  We know how the game goes!  We know what the players are there for!  We just want to watch the game and hear the “natural” sounds!  We want to hear the pops, the swishes, the grunts, the groans, the cheers, the boo's and everything else connected to the play on the field, the court, the course or the mat.
I know that this is off-beat for me, but it is a pet peeve of mine.  A game is meant to be SEEN and HEARD!  Take a boxing match for instance.  In a real fight you can hear the fists or gloves as they swing through the air in search of a chin or a gut.  There is an undeniable SWISH.  However, when Billy Bob Announcer is talkin’ about next week’s fight you cannot hear the SWISH.  And when a fists comes in contact with a chin there is a distinctive THUD, but the ol’ thud cannot be heard over Teddy Atlas’s jabber about how a fighter’s long toenails can cause him to loose a fight.
So to all of you, who are unlucky enough to have to work for any aspect of television, please pass this on to all the liberal idiots, who direct and produce sports coverage on television.  Tell them to go out and play sand lot football, shoot some hoops, go to a batting cage or DO ANYTHING except bother us during a sports event! 
Sorry for the rant folks, but for a true sports fan this constant deafening jibber from some “behind the scenes”, so-called, “experts” does not enhance my game participating experience!

Now, y'all CLICK HERE and enjoy the short video.


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