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Well folks, as of today the justice system in America is still very corrupt. As of this writing Barrack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and a whole host of other corrupt politicians are still unjustly walking free!
Now y’all stay with me on this one.  It is not about eating healthy, but I need to give you a bit of free info to get to the point.
Did you folks know that back when I was just a baby, 64 years ago, folks stopped using butter?  Yep, they did.  I mean, almost over night, folks started buyin’ margarine.  Why?  The butter tasted better.  The butter came from farms, which was always where the best food was.  The butter just generally made food better.  So why the sudden change?
Well, the margarine manufacturers told them, on radio, TV and newspapers, that it was the healthier alternative and folks believed them. In those days no one asked, "Well, show me the proof!  Where is the evidence to prove that margarine is better?  The folks who have been eating butter for years appear to be okay, so what’s the deal?”
Guys, did you know that:
1.  Butter is rich in the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health.
2.  Contains lauric acid, important in treating fungal infections and Candida.
3.  Contains lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism.
4.  Contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage.
5.  Has anti-oxidants that protect against weakening arteries.
6.  Is a great source of Vitamins E and K.
7.  Is a very rich source of the vital mineral selenium.
8.  Saturated fats in butter have strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
9.  Butter contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a potent anti-cancer agent, muscle builder, and immunity booster
10. Vitamin D found in butter is essential to absorption of calcium.
11.  Protects against tooth decay.
12.  Is your only source of an anti-stiffness factor, which protects against calcification of the joints.
13. The Anti-stiffness factors in butter prevents hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and calcification of the pineal gland.
14.  Is a source of Activator X, which helps your body absorb minerals.
15.  Is a source of iodine in highly absorbable form.
16.  May promote fertility in women.9
17.  Is a source of quick energy, and is not stored in our body’s adipose tissue.
18.  Cholesterol found in butterfat is essential to children's brain and nervous system development.
19.  Contains Arachidonic Acid (AA) which plays a role in brain function and is a vital component of cell membranes.
20.  Protects against gastrointestinal infections in the very young or the elderly.
21.  Butter is natural, while margarine contains chemicals and additives that are bad for you.
22.  Margarine is extremely damaging to the reproductive system and the developing bodies of unborn babies and children.
23.  Margarine put people at risk for Vitamin E deficiency.
24.  There is absolutely no nutritional need for using any oils as a replacement for butter.
So guys, ask yourself, “Self, what is the main underlying reason folks switched to margarine?”
Here is another deal.  I wish that we could line up burgers on a table from McDonald’s, Burger King, Whataburger, Dairy Queen, Red Robin, Hardees’s,  A&W, Carl’s Jr., Checker’s, Culver’s, Five Guys, Wendy’s, Sonic and White Castle.  Then we could have a hundred blind folded folks taste each one.  Which one would they choose as the best?  Which one would they say is the worst?
Well guys, guess which one out sells all the others by at least two to one?  Yeah, it’s McDonald’s.  So why would we all agree on McDonald’s for top seller?  I venture to say that in the taste test mentioned above, McDonald’s would be chosen as the worst burger, yet it dramatically out sells the others.  Now, let me give you a bit more info about ol’ Mickey D. 
Did y’all know that “real” food is perishable?  Yep, with time, it begins to decay and this is a natural process, it just happens, it’s supposed to.  Things like beef, pork, chicken and fish will rot.  Bread will mold. Fruit will turn very bad.  Hey, but what about a McDonald’s burger?  Well, and you can test this for yourself, a McDonald’s burger will not rot for years!  It will keep its looks and taste for years!  Yes, for years!  This just ain’t natural folks!  In fact, store bought pet food is better for you because it contains less fat, salt and sugar.  Hell, even ol’ Prince Charles, while touring a diabetes center in the United Arab Emirates, commented that banning McDonald’s is key to health and nutrition.
The processed fat in McDonald’s food (and other fast food) promotes endothelial dysfunction for up to 5 hours after eating the meal. Endothelial tissue is what lines the inside of blood vessels.  For those who enjoy sex, take note: erectile dysfunction is connected to endothelial dysfunction. 
McDonald’s fries actually contain milk (and wheat) and though they’re fried in vegetable oil, the oil is flavored with beef extract. 
Eating a McDonald’s chicken will give you about 2/3 of the recommended daily amount of sodium. And if you actually do have high blood pressure, that’s way more than you really need.
So guys, ask yourself, “Self, what is the main underlying reason folks switched pick McDonald’s over other burgers?”
Can you actual believe this junk?  Grown people living day in and day out eating margarine and McDonald’s and never even questioning why they do.  What’s with people?  Do they just not care?  Are they just zombies walkin’ around from one place and then another?  Do they have brains?  If so, do they actually use them?  Could it be an unknown disease?  A virus?  Infection?  What causes this?
Well boys and girls, you just answered your question as to why Obama was elected.  Hmm huh, you did.  It is simple!  In America today, people have become so damn lazy and uncaring that they let the government, TV and the alphabet media do their thinking for them.  If any of these three giants, tell them to jump, then they jump, as long as it is politically correct of course!  Their brains are always secondary!  Research is an evil word to them.  It requires effort.
When Obama was elected no one, who voted for him, used their brains.  They voted for him because he was black and political correctness indicated that you HAVE TO vote for the black person regardless the circumstances!  Yeah I know, some are calling me a racist for what I just said and if stating a FACT is racism then put the label on me brother!
Hey, did y’all know that Bud Light is America’s top selling beer?  What a laugh!  The taste test would prove that it is not the best tasting beer, but because Bud Light is on TV more than any other beer, it is number one!  Right now, at this moment, some of you are saying, “Hey, but Bud Light is good!”  How do you know?  How many others have you tried?  Have you done research on it?  Yep, just like obedient lil’ children, Americans do what they are told to do.  Oh and why I am on being told what to do, how many of you have bought a Chi-pet or a Chi-tree?  LOL!!  I thought so!  Here’s your sign!
Shoot, I guess all I’m tryin’ to say is to use your brain!  Quit listening to everyone else!  To your friends!  To your relatives!  To your click!  Live and think for yourself!  In the age of the internet folks ought to be getting smarter, but stats prove that we are getting dumber!  It doesn’t make sense…UNLESS YOU ARE NOT USING YOUR BRAINS and you are letting some one else think for you!
So guys, now ask yourself, “Self, what is the main underlying reason our country is in the shape it is in?
Hey, and one favor, please don't comment and tell me what beer or burger you like.  Please don't tell me how you always use butter.  Please try to get the "JUST" of this article.  Please!
VERY IMPORTANT FOOT NOTE: You lil' punk, Barry Hussein, you insignificant lil' flea, you cannot defeat me! I am backed by a fella, who had spikes driven in both hands and feet, then he was hung on timbers and the only thing holding him up were those spikes, then he was stabbed and given up for dead, then he was entombed, then he walked out of that tomb and ascended up into the sky and after all of that he still lives today! Yes, this is my backing! What's yours? George Soros? I am laughing whole-heartily right now! How small you really are you lil' arrogant imposter! Oh yeah, and if you think this fella backing me is something, I just can't wait 'til you meet his father! Good luck, you're gonna need it! "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian." --- Henry Ford


  1. Jackie Turner6/09/2013 5:11 PM

    I'm not sure the little cretin won the election fair and square anyway. With the Bilderburgers behind the scenes we're playing with a marked deck whether we like it or not.

  2. It is called common SENSE...


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