Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1176: “BORN AGAIN”!

Now guys, I just have to get off track (or maybe "on" track) for a while and take some issues with this, “Born Again” baloney.  You see, God Almighty was kind enough to give us each one birth, one death and our free will to do whatever we wanted in between.  Some do good, some do bad, some change from good to bad, some change from bad to good, but you ain’t gonna get “Born Again”!  Hey, but it seems that some preacher or evangelist invented this cute lil’ phrase, “Born Again” to suit his/her “special” purposes.  Although it was probably good for the collection plate, it does nothing, but gives folks some feely good pipe dream about their life and, in my opinion, actually belittles what the Good Lord has given us.  You cannot be “Born Again”!  You just can’t!  You got one go round folks!  That’s it!

Wait just a minute now!  Before y’all go off half cocked and start giving me the scriptures or some TV evangelist’s version of them.  Let me finish!  By the way, since I’ve decided to go head first off into this, I do not think that ANY TV evangelist is worth a plug nickel!  Yes, I did say ANY!  All they do is get filthy rich off of folks, who are too weak to use the good sense God has given them.  Hell, you may as well listen to and send your money to a used car dealer or a shyster lawyer!  Or send it to me!  I’ll put it to good use.  In fact, why is it that when someone speaks for God, or appears too, no one hardly even questions it?  I mean, you sure do question used car dealers or shyster lawyers, don’t ya?  I think learning about the folks, who claim to speak for God is much more worth investigatin’ than a used car dealer or a shyster lawyer is.  After all, cars and shysters are just earth things, but God is forever.  Heck, I betcha God would want you to check out any one, who claims to speak for him, don’t ya think?
Okay, back to the “Born Again” deal.  Don’t get me wrong!  You may be the sorriest sucker on the planet and then one day you decide that your life must change.  You search for an answer, but no one has one, so you start praying and God starts answering and you start seeing what HE is doing for you and you turn things around.  HE gives you a path to fellow and you see the miracles he provides you every single day.  You are very lucky and you know it.  You are happy again, but you are still the same body and soul.  You have not been “Born Again”, but you have found God, asked for forgiveness and HE provided it.  No one has to change your diapers or send you to school or give you an allowance or spoil you rotten!  No sir, you simply found God, asked HIM for help and you received it!  You didn’t even have to put money in a collection plate, send Joel Osteen a prayer request, appear on TBN, or even bear witness to a bunch of folks, who don’t know you from Adam.  No sir!  It was between you and God.  You used the things HE had given you in the RIGHT way and now you are whole again.
All of the things above are my opinions.  Please do not condemn me for that.  You see folks, I left organized religion about ten years ago and now I am closer to God than I have ever been in my life.  I actually “see” how HE answers my prayers and the miracles HE provides me every day.  I am not confused with misinterpretations, collections, pledges, church politics, who’s wearing what, where are they setting, rumors and bad truths about the church or those, who profess to carry God’s word.  Many times I tried to get those in the church to listen to my concerns, but it was hopeless.  In fact, they did not like the fact that I even had legitimate questions.  So, I trusted the gifts GOD gave me and went on my own and it has been wonderful!
I will say this though, if I ever decided to go back to organized religion again, it would be the Jewish religion.  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be.  Here’s the way I see it.  God said that the Jews were HIS chosen people.  Now most all of us believe that God is all knowing.  So, if God knows all then when HE said that the Jews were HIS chosen people, HE already knew that the Jews would betray HIM, yet HE still said it.  For this reason, I feel that the Jewish faith is God’s chosen faith.
Please remember this though, “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”  In other words, in my opinion and the way I interpret this with the mind, which God gave me.  You cannot trust any one with your path to Heaven.  Not brothers or sisters!  Not mothers or fathers!  Not priests or preachers!  Not used car dealers or shysters!  And certainly not smiley faced TV evangelists!
Hey, it’s just my two cents worth!



  2. Belinda - I said this too: "You may be the sorriest sucker on the planet and then one day you decide that your life must change. You search for an answer, but no one has one, so you start praying and God starts answering and you start seeing what HE is doing for you and you turn things around." And you just called it nonsense. You must be one of those hollier than thou gals. Oh well.

  3. The New Birth,,,Jesus and Nicodemus,,,JOHN 3:3 Jesus answered,and said unto Nicodemus,Verily,Verily I say unto thee,EXCEPT a Man be born again,he cannot see the Kingdom of GOD... John 3;7 marvel not that I said unto thee,ye must be Born Again,,,,Born of the Spirit,,, John Sulak ,you have been Born of the Spirit !!!!!!!!

  4. LEO - I did not have to be "Born Again" because I have had the spirit of God since I could remember. I just have become closer to God over my years and leaving organized religion and it's trappings actually helped me.


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