Tuesday, December 11, 2012


An ol’ boy from Missouri and a Texan were hunting in the Texas Hill Country when an illegal alien runs right across the field in front of them.  Well the Texas boy takes careful aim, shoots that sucker and kills him with just one shot.  The other fella screams, “You can't do that!"  Well the Texan reassures the ol’ boy that it is perfectly legal to kill law breakers from Mexico in Texas.  “Yep!” he said, “Once they cross that border they’re legal game!”
Later on that night the Missourian left their camp to go buy some beer.  When he got back he put that Coors on top of his truck so he could get another jacket.  Well wouldn’t you know it.  He no sooner took his hand off that case of Coors when one of them illegal alien runs by, grabs the beer, and tries to run away. So, knowin’ it’s legal now, he draws his pistol and kills that law breaker!
Now, as he is pullin’ his case of Coors from the hands of that illegal a Texas Game Warden pulls up.  The Warden gets out of his car and after lookin’ over the scene he immediately arrests the ol’ boy from Missouri.  Confused, he said, “"But I thought it was legal to shoot illegal aliens here in Texas!”  The Game Warden says, “Sure it is son, but not over a baited field.”
EPILOGUE: Obama, you insignificant lil' flea, you cannot defeat me! I am backed by a fella, who had spikes driven in both hands and feet, then he was hung on timbers and the only thing holding him up were those spikes, then he was stabbed and given up for dead, then he was entombed, then he walked out of that tomb and ascended up into the sky and after all of that he still lives today! Yes, this is my backing! What's yours? George Soros? I am laughing whole-heartily right now! How small you really are Obama! Oh yeah, if you think this fella backing me is something, I just can't wait 'til you meet his father! Good luck, hehehehehe!

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