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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya was the work of a "small and savage group."  

Bullcrap!  Aren't y'all tired of hearing Hillary, Obama, Michelle and all their so-called "in crowd" talking about "small groups"?  By, this cat is!  I'm fed up!

Hey Hillary, you lame brain fanatic, "small crowds" may kill a few, but they do not kill millions!    A "Fringe Group" my rape and maim a few women, but they do not mutilate millions!  "Radicals" may slaughter a few innocent children, but they do not slaughter millions!  Get off your con-game 'cause we ain't buyin'!

These backward, rabid animals, Muslims, are the ones doing this!  Quit trying to diminish the problem!  Quit catering to these animals and quit giving them our money ($1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood, no strings attached and another $1 Billion to buy submarines!  And there is Billions more)!

Peace?  Are you jokin’?  These “animals” are so far from peace!  How far are they?  Well, I’ll tell you how far!  If peace was a planet, to Muslims, the planet would be Uranus (no pun intended)!  Now that’s purdy darn far, even for Texas standards!

Folks, let me get serious now.  In the chart below you can see FACTS as to just how militant these animals are.  There is no peace!  There is no security!  There is no stress-free life!  Heck, if these animals cannot find a non-believer to kill, well then, they kill each other!  And imagine a whole bunch of politicians, liberals and ignorant Americans; want these animals as their neighbors!  Can you even imagine?  I mean, some folks in America actually trust their children with these clowns!

In the last thirty days, Muslims have killed eight hundred and eighty-three folks!  That’s 883 guys!  Oh, and in the same time period, they injured another one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three folks!  1723 guys!  This chart shows that they kill, on average, about 29 folks a day!  Shoot, at this rate, if we just leave them alone, they will diminish their ranks by about over ten thousand a year.  Just imagine if everyone in the world would have left them alone and not let them spread their filth and slaughter outside the Middle East, since their beginning, we would be rid of them and the world would have all their high priced oil!  Such a deal!

Anyway, this chart has FACTS, that no matter how hard they try, even liberals cannot, HONESTLY, refute, but they will try.  Boy will they try!  Hey, but luckily, me an you actual use our brains to differentiate FACT from FICTION, so we know the score.  Even though it’s probably useless, please shar with any of the “unaware” or “don’t want to be aware” crowd.

Here are the murdered and injured, just in September far:

9/11/2012 in Libya – Muslims killed our Ambassador and three Navy Seals!
9/10/12 in Yemen Sanaa - 12 people are killed following a Muslim bomb explosion.

9/10/12 in Iraq Mussayib - Muslim bombers take down 3 Shiites near their shrine.

9/10/12 in Pakistan Parachinar - Muslims murder 14 and hurt 45 members of the minority Shiite sect with a car bomb.

9/10/12 in Afghanistan Kunduz - a Muslim blows himself up at a demonstration, killing 21 and hurting 15 more
9/10/12 in Syria Aleppo - a Muslim bombing outside a hospital and school leaves 17 civilians dead and 40 more hurt
9/9/12  in Iraq Kirkuk - 2 Muslim bombs tear apart seven people outside of a police station and leave 70 injured.

9/9/12  in Thailand Narathiwat - 2 men are killed and a 9-year-old boy loses his leg to Muslims
9/9/12  in Iraq Kirkuk - Muslim car bombers slaughter eight oil company employees and injure 17.

9/9/12  in Iraq Amara - Muslim car bombers massacre 16 Shiites outside their shrine and injure 100 more.

9/9/12  in Afghanistan Farah - a 12-year-old boy is disassembled by a Muslim bomb and 16 more injured.

9/9/12  in Afghanistan Mula Khel - Muslims pull six civilians out of a vehicle and execute them.

9/9/12  in Iraq Dujail - a Muslim suicide bomber kills 7 Iraqis and injures 11 more.

9/8/12  in Afghanistan Kabul - 6 civilians, mostly children, are torn to shreds by a Muslim suicide bomber and 4 others left hurting.

9/7/12  in Iraq Kirkuk - Muslim bombers take out nine Shias near their mosque and injure 80 more.

9/7/12  in Philippines Sumisip - 7 Muslims fire into a crowd of plantation workers on their lunch break, killing one and injuring 35 more.

9/7/12  in Lebanon Damour - a Muslim stabs a man merely for belonging to the 'wrong' religious sect.

9/7/12  in Libya Rajma - 3 people are killed and 3 injured, when Muslims attempt to blow up a rival shrine.

9/6/12  in Iraq al-Sharqat - 1 leader of an Iraqi anti-terror unit is killed and another injured by a Muslim bomb.

9/6/12  in Nigeria Yobe –  Muslims murder 16 people in a series of attacks.

9/6/12  in Pakistan Gulistan Colony - An Ahmadi schoolteacher is gunned down in a targeted Muslim attack.

9/5/12  in Pakistan Quetta - A Shia doctor is murdered in his clinic by a Muslim.

9/5/12  in Pakistan Karachi - A 75-year-old Shiite is murdered along with his 17-year-old grandson in targeted shooting by Muslims.

9/5/12  in Pakistan Quetta - A Shiite dentist is taken out in a Muslim drive-by shooting.

9/5/12  in Iraq Khalis - Muslims kill one person and injure 8 with a car bomb blast near a clinic.

9/5/12  in Iraq Tikrit   - Two Sunnis are ambushed and killed by Muslim gunmen.

9/5/12  in India Kerala- A Hindu activist dies from a stabbing attack by Muslim 'activists' at a university campus two months earlier.

9/5/12  in Ingushetia Datykh - Muslims ambush and kill six and injure 1 Russians.

9/4/12  in Afghanistan Dor Baba - 25 mourners are murdered and 35 are injured at a funeral by a Muslim suicide bomber.

9/4/12  in Thailand Pattani - A 28-year-old Buddhist villager is slain by Muslim gunmen.

9/4/12  in Kenya Mombasa - 2 people are killed by Muslims.

9/4/12  in Iraq Tuz Khurmatu - Muslims massacre 6 Iraqis with automatic weapons.

9/4/12  in Iraq Kirkuk - A 16-year-old boy is found with his head, hands and feet cut off by Muslims.

9/4/12  in Pakistan  Karachi - Muslims shoot a Shia traffic cop three times in the head.

9/4/12  in Pakistan Pirabad - Muslims shoot two Shiites to death.

9/4/12  in Somalia Barawe - Muslims tie two men to a pole and open them up with automatic weapons.

9/4/12  in Nigeria Gwange - Four people are shot and stabbed in their own homes by Muslims.

9/4/12  in Iraq Fallujah - Muslims machine-gun a judge in his own home.

9/3/12  in Nigeria Maiduguri - A lecturer is among two people murdered by Muslim assassins.

9/3/12  in Syria Jaramana - Muslims kill 4 and injure 12 with a car bomb in a residential neighborhood.

9/3/12  in Nigeria New Marte - 2 civilians and a cop are murdered by Muslim gunmen.

9/3/12  in Pakistan Peshawar - 2 civilians are killed and 25 are injured in a Muslim car bomb attack on a U.S. Consulate vehicle.

9/2/12  in Pakistan Bazarak Khwar - Muslims ambush a police vehicle and kill the driver and injure 4 others.

9/2/12  in Pakistan Quetta - A Shia minority dies from injuries suffered in a targeted attack by Muslims.

9/2/12  in Mali Gao - A kidnapped Algerian diplomat is executed in captivity by Muslims.

9/1/12  in Pakistan Hazar Ganji - Muslims pull 5 Shia vegetable sellers off of a truck and calmly shoot them.

9/1/12  in Afghanistan Wardak - Twin Muslim suicide bombers incinerate 13 people, including a child and two women, and injure 78 more.

9/1/12  in Pakistan Quetta - 2 Shias walking along the side of the road are killed by Muslims.

9/1/12  in Iraq Basra – a Knife-wielding Muslim stabs a judge to death in this home.

9/1/12  in Pakistan Quetta - 2 demonstrators are killed and 10 are injured by Muslims.

9/1/12  in Syria Damascus - A Muslim group kills 15 and injures 3 in a car bomb attack.

9/1/12  in Syria Deir al-Zour - A Muslim suicide bomber kills 1 and injures 2.

9/1/12  in Thailand Narathiwat - Muslim bombers tear off the legs of two plantation workers.

9/1/12  in Iraq Baghdad - Muslims set off a bomb outside a coffee shop, killing 2and injuring 11.

EPILOGUE: Obama, you insignificant lil' flea, you cannot defeat me! I am backed by a fella, who had spikes driven in both hands and feet, then he was hung on timbers and the only thing holding him up were those spikes, then he was stabbed and given up for dead, then he was entombed, then he walked out of that tomb and ascended up into the sky and after all of that he still lives today! Yes, this is my backing! What's yours? George Soros? I am laughing whole-heartily right now! How small you really are Obama! Oh yeah, if you think this fella backing me is something, I just can't wait 'til you meet his father! Good luck, hehehehehe!

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