Friday, June 29, 2012


Now folks, today we are gonna talk a lil’ bit about “BILLS”.  Nope we’re not talkin’ duck or platypus BILLS, not talkin’ dollar BILLS and we’re not talkin’ light BILLS or credit card BILLS.  No sir, today we are gonna talk about Congressional BILLS.  Those sneaky lil’ pieces of paper that flow through Congress like so much butt wipe in an airport bathroom and most often not even being read by the ones doin’ the votin’ on the darn things.

So what is a BILL?  Well, in them real old days, like George Washington days, a BILL was a piece of paper requesting something.  For instance, if ol’ George’s army needed some dough to keep operating, well, George would get a BILL into Congress requesting more dough for the army.  If Congress felt that the army truly needed more dough, then they would pass the BILL and the army would get more dough.  If Congress thought that they didn’t need the dough, then ol’ George was just outta luck.  It really was the simple.  Imagine a BILL as a bob tail truck carrying a load that was needed somewhere, but it had to go through a check point (Congress) first before it could make it’s delivery.  The check point could let it go through or send it back to where it came from.  Pretty darn simple huh?

Okay, so this BILL thing really worked pretty well until around the time of Woodrow Wilson, give or take a few presidents.  You see, it’s really kinda hard to find out “exactly” when things changed, but for this explanation ol’ Woodrow will do just fine.

So, politicians, being politicians (and/or attorneys), just could not let sleepin’ dogs lie.  They had to find a way to work the angles to their benefit…and they did.  They did it by adding trailers to the ol’ bob tail truck.  Yep, let’s say that the army needed dough and some politician put a BILL into Congress, but the only way he could get enough votes to get it through was to pacify some other crooked politician by adding something to the BILL.  Let’s say that this crooked politician would vote for the BILL only if the BILL included a provision, which stated that the army would only buy weapons from this crooked politician’s friend’s company.  In other words, he hitched his trailer to the BILL’S bob tail.  Today they call this “trailer” pork.  So when you hear the word “pork” in reference to a BILL, remember that it is really some crooked politicians scam!  His trailer!  “Pork” is much too nice a word.  Oh yeah, and the media goes out of it’s way to only talk and write about the bob tail truck.  They, unless absolutely caught off guard, never mention all the trailers attached to the truck.  So when you hear or see the word BILL, even if it’s a duck’s BILL, train yourself to think “TRAILER”!

Of course, eventually, more and more crooked politicians (and/or attorneys) got involved in the scams.  More and more trailers were hitched to the bob tail and more and more personnel were stationed at the check point and they all had those greedy lil’ hands out in search of a payoff before they’d let that truck go through!  In fact, this writer can pretty safely say that every single member of the Federal Government has had their turn at helping to hitch an ol’ trailer up.  Hey, it’s free money and power without consequence, why wouldn’t a greedy, crooked person do it?

So what does this all add up to?  Well first, think about it, almost every single person in America today believes that every time a BILL gets passed, it actually helps America.  WRONG!  It’s just the opposite guys.  Every time a BILL gets passed it HURTS America!  Now it is not because of the BILL itself, but because of all the SCAMS (trailers) attached to the BILL (BOB TAIL TRUCK).  In fact guys it has come down to this, WE ARE PAYING EVERY MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO DESTROY AMERICA!  Yes we are!  If we do not adjust our “patriotic” thinking back to George Washington times, we will regret it; our families will regret it, our children and grandchildren, our neighbors and all decent, legal citizens will regret it until the day we all die.  Please think and act different.  Please think and act patriotically not politically correct.

THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIMES A “BILL” MEANT SOMETHING GOOD FOR US:  "The whole of that Bill [of Rights] is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals... [I]t establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of." --Albert Gallatin, letter to Alexander Addison, 1789

***************** - Obama, you insignificant lil' flea, you cannot defeat me! I am backed by a fella, who had spikes driven in both hands and feet, then he was hung on timbers and the only thing holding him up were those spikes, then he was stabbed and given up for dead, then he was entombed, then he walked out of that tomb and ascended up into the sky and after all of that he still lives today! Yes, this is my backing! What's yours? George Soros? I am laughing whole-heartedly right now! How small you really are Obama! Oh yeah, if you think this fella backing me is something, I just can't wait 'til you meet his father! Good luck, Hehehehehe!

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