Monday, April 16, 2012


 -Thanks to great patriots, we have spread the word to over 88,000 folks all over the world and we are adding about 1500 per week!  We even have followers in United Kingdom, Taiwan, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Russia, Philippines, Peru, Qatar, Macedonia, Yemen, Guyana, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Jamaica, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Germany, China, France, Finland, Algeria, Bangladesh, Canada, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Australia, Afganistan, Netherlands, Ukraine, Pakistan, Mexico, Kuwait, Slovenia, Colombia, Egypt, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Montenegro, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Poland, Estonia, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Japan, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Romania, Macau and Latvia.  We now have over 9000 friends, fans and/or followers.  Please take a peek and tell us what you think, or, by all means, please feel free to share us.

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  1. We greatly have 'them' outnumbered but 'they' don't want us to know it. "They" think 'they' can win by deception and preception. We're in a fight for our very lives whether we know it or not.


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