Wednesday, February 8, 2012


While we bicker about all the truly insignificant things around us, like elections, candidates, economy, jobs, poor folks, and the likes, Obama and his buds are busy changing the big things.  Things like the entire world and all us peons in it.  They love it when we bicker amongst ourselves.  It gives them great opportunity to do their evil deeds under cover.

In fact guys, if we could find a way to stop Obama and all his enablers and bosom buddies, we could truly change all those insignificant things, which I mentioned above.  Oh, and the only reason I said they were insignificant, is because they are compared to what OBAMA'S BUDS are really doing!


"One World Socialist" Organizations - U.S. Democratic Party - Federal Reserve - Goldman Sachs - CRIME, INC. - Bilderberg - Council on Foreign Relations - United Nations - Trilateral Commission - Microsoft - Google - Apple - More

Obama - New World Order - Bilderberg
HERE'S ONE FOR THE PHOTO ALBUM: Obama seems extremely pleased to be photographed surrounded by socialists, communists and terrorists... so much so, he gave the "thumbs up". Communist Obama and Communist Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, celebrate after agreeing on how to transform the world into a one big socialist planet via G20 financial reforms. Hugging them both is Socialist Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has an extensive record of and criminal allegations, including mafia collusion, false accounting, tax fraud, corruption, sex with a minor, and bribery of police officers and judges. Summit host and socialist UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said the deal heralded a “New World Order”.

Also shown: Communist China's President, Hu Jintao; Socialists International member and South Africa's President, Kgalema Motlanthe; Prince Saud Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia (country source of fifteen 9/11 terrorists); Ethipoian socialist, terrorist and NEPAD head, Meles Zenawi; Turkey's domineering, anti-secularist and Islamic Extremist Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan; and Thailand's Prime Minister and Democrat, Abhisit Vejjajiva, who ascended to power during the 2009 global economic crisis and may be forced from office due to dual citizenship (like Obama).  

RECITATION: "I am very proud, that I pray to and worship our Judea/Christian, God Almighty. I am very proud to be an American, who loves all his family and all his fellow patriots. I will defend the original Constitutional. I will defend the rights and lives of patriots to the best of my ability and, if time and resources permit will even defend other Americans, who may fail to believe as I do, but I will never defend a Muslim, believer of the Quran! They are my ENEMY and I DO NOT recognize their beliefs in Islam to be a RELIGION, and I never will! Remember, be proud of, and promote, your beliefs! Be proud you're an American and promote that with pride! Be proud of your families and your fellow patriots and promote that with pride! And last, take some kind of real action and pray “everyday” for God to lead you correctly! Believe me.....this will lead to success.”” -- JOHN L SULAK ...and there you have some more opinions from me, Th' Dumb Ol' East Texas Boy. Take care out there, okay. IN GOD WE DO TRUST!

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