Wednesday, June 29, 2011


AND THE "LAME" STREAM MEDIA ACTUALLY MADE FUN OF BUSH? Compared to Bush, no compared to virtually ANYONE, this cat, Obama, is one of the three stooges!  Some folks actually call him "president", but I DON'T!  He is no president!  He is a complete street punk, who got bought!  He went for the big scam and got it.  You can wrap a pile of garbage in pretty paper and ribbons, but you still, just have a PILE OF GARBAGE!  We just need more folks to peek underneath the pretty paper.  They need to look at Obama through "clear lenses" and take off those rose colored glasses.  We have a scoundrel in OUR HOUSE and it does not take any sort of rocket science to figure out who it is.

Okay, now you libs and/or progressives can fire away and call me a RACIST, but remember, you will have to choose which side because Obama is half black and half white.  Tough choice huh?  RACIST?  That's a joke!  Now if you called me a guy, who just doesn't like A bad president, then just maybe, you might be on to something, but RACIST. Is that REALLY the best you libs and/or progressives can do? Is that REALLY all you have in your box of tricks? If it is, well partner, you are going to be a very easy foe to defeat.  Y'all have a good 'un, okay and good luck with you boy. Hope you get to play catch with him some day.  You won't need a glove.


 "I am very proud, that I pray to and worship our Judea/Christian, God Almighty. I am very proud to be an American, who loves all his family and all his fellow patriots. I will defend the original Constitutional. I will defend the rights and lives of patriots to the best of my ability and, if time and resources permit will even defend other Americans, who may fail to believe as I do, but I will never defend a quran practicing muslim. They are my ENEMY! 
Remember, be proud of, and promote, your beliefs! Be proud you're an American and promote that with pride! Be proud of your families and your fellow patriots and promote that with pride! And last, take some kind of real action and pray “everyday” for God to lead you correctly! Believe me.....this will lead to success.”” -- JOHN L SULAK 
...and there you have some more opinions from me, Th' Dumb Ol' East Texas Boy. Take care out there, okay. IN GOD WE DO TRUST!


  1. Love the videos! Really shows his "intellectual" side! (yes, I'm being sarcastic)

  2. Yep, he's a sharp cookie, Sue and you know what I'm being. LOL


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