Tuesday, September 28, 2010


“First, as I always do, let me say, that I am proud, that I pray to and worship our Judea/Christian, God Almighty.  Second, I am very proud to be an American, who loves all his family and all his fellow patriots.  And last, I will defend the original Constitutional rights and lives of those patriots to the best of my ability and, if time and resources permit will even defend others, who will be shocked to learn, that what they once believed in, was false”.  --  JOHN L SULAK 

Now folks, when your liberal friends (if you have any) just cannot come up with a reason they voted for a Democrat, well, just smile and give them this list. They can then pick a reason, that will be about as close to making sense of their vote as they will ever get. It's kinda like that
 ol' boy, oh what's his name, Bill Ingall, yeah, that's it, you know, his, "Here's Your Sign" skit.  So liberals, "Pick Your Reason":

10. I voted Democrat because - 

I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are absolutely obscene, but the Democratic controlled government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15%, isn't.

9. I voted Democrat because -

I believe the government will do a better job of spending my money, which I earned, better than I would.

8. I voted Democrat because -

Freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

7. I voted Democrat because -

I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all that I need to protect me from murderers and thieves and/or a corrupt government.

6. I voted Democrat because -

I believe, that people who can't tell us, if it will rain on Friday, can tell us, that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years, if I don't start driving a Toyota Prius.

5. I voted Democrat because -

I'm not concerned about the slaughter of millions of innocent babies through abortion, so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

4. I voted Democrat because -

I think that every single illegal alien, even Barrack Hussein Obama, should have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits.

3. I voted Democrat because -

I believe that businesses should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even by giving all their profits t away to the government for redistribution, to all "occupants" of America, as the Democrats see fit.

2. I voted Democrat because -

I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks, who would never get their agendas past the voters otherwise.

1. I voted Democrat because -

I know that my head is so firmly planted up my rear end, that it is unlikely, that I will ever have another point of view.
“Remember, be proud of, and promote, your beliefs!  Be proud you're an American and promote that with pride!  Be proud of your families and your fellow patriots and promote that with pride!  And last, take some kind of real action and pray “everyday” for God to lead you correctly!  Believe me.....this will lead to success.”  --  JLS 

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